Who is behind the Lens?

 “Taking photographs is my way of escapism, my camera allows me to enter another world, to create images that are alive in my imagination.”


Welcome to my website!  This page is all about me, Louise, the photographer from Dublin.

My photography journey started when I got a gift of a brand new camera for my 16thBirthday.  At that time it was the most expensive gift my parents had ever bought.  I remember my sister reassuring my dad that it was not just a gift, but an investment.  How right she was!  Over 30 birthdays have passed since then and I have never stopped taking photographs.

I left Ireland when I was 19 for the alluring bright lights of London and a career in the travel industry.  Not long after, I found myself studying for an Hons degree in Photography. I studied in Dublin, Nottingham and Barcelona.  That was the early 90s. 

Since then, I have photographed lots of  inspiring people, travelled through countless stunning landscapes, witnessed numerous events both happy and sad all while developing my diverse Photography portfolio.

Photography has allowed me to work all over,  photographing a variety of subjects ranging  from products to landscapes to buildings and events with people from all walks of life,  from Royalty and Heads of Government to ordinary people living in shanty towns, to families and babies and even myself!

Like everyone around the globe, 2020 had a dramatic impact on my career and my life in general.  It has been a time to reflect, both internally and externally.  This time has allowed me to appreciate and reminisce about my life  and the experiences that have helped me grow as a person and as a professional photographer.

My gallery shares  some of these moments which are illustrated by my Fine Art Photographs. Some artworks  are straight forward documentary photographs taken during assignments and personal trips while other photographs tell stories of a person, place or thing and are more staged and planned.   They all encompass a variety of photographic techniques both analogue and digital.

I hope that you find some of the photographs resonate with you  and your journey in some way.  An image to help you reminisce about the past, dream about the future or simply enhance your wall, to enjoy the present!   

Thanks for visiting,