Artist of the Month Review!


Although this review was written last may and before I launched my website, I couldn't resist including it.  Richard has managed to capture in words everything that I would like to be able to say about my work.  I've often struggle with trying to stick to one subject or genre. My career in photography is so diverse that the results can't help but show in my personal work. 

 Review by Richard Kalman, owner and founder of Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery.

"Louise’s work demonstrates how broad and varied the art of photography can be these days. Her repertoire combines straight, almost documentary images of New York and highly evocative, stylised images that play on the edges of photography, painting and illustration (or some combination of all three). The works encompass almost every genre and subject imaginable – landscapes, nudes, still lifes, flower studies, portraits, architectural – most played with or somehow adulterated to add a slightly unreal effect to the world seen through O’Gorman’s lens.

Many of these colourful and intriguing images transport you to some slightly hazy, more distant world, sometimes to the unfamiliar and exotic: shadows of camels trekking across the Saharan desert and sometimes the more mundane and familiar of kids jumping off diving platforms into the sea. All the images have the power to transport you to these locations or make you want to be there. The quality of light and tone, colours, compositions all are very skilfully created. The works show a photographer totally at home with their medium, confident enough to explore different subjects and present them in all manner of different styles and approaches.

There is nothing overly tricksy or clever about the resulting imagery, rather they just intrigue and draw you further in. You feel as if they are images you might be able to capture yourself, but then on closer inspection, actually not quite. You're not quite sure how she did that or how that effect was achieved... and was she really at that location or is this just some imagined vision created in her studio? All of which is what lends and adds to the universal appeal of these images."

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