"When I die, Dublin will be written in my heart"

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One of the most famous quotes about Dublin by James Joyce..

....despite the fact he never actually  uttered these words as such... the story goes that there was an English queen who said that when she died the word ‘Calais’ would be written on her heart, to which Joyce reponsded that 'Dublin' will be found in his.. 

The quote "When I die, Dublin will be written in my heart" has since been used over and over with reference to both Dublin and Joyce.. even by President Biden! 

I have overlaid the quote on a photograph of Dublin.  Between O'Connell and the ha'penny Bridge is a stretch of the boardwalk and some typical Georgian style architecture.... a familiar scene facing the north side of the river.  Taken on a very cold day in winter.. ( I remember my hands were soooo cold, I could hardly press the shutter), but it has resulted in a moody shot which I think suits the Dublin I know. 

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