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I'm delighted to say that "Spring Break".. has done it again and has been featured as Best Artwork of the Week by another gallery!

This time, it has been selected by the online Gallery Art2Arts. 


You can read their article here.. 

Spring Break by Louise O’Gorman is an impressive interpretation of what freedom is all about. The freedom of being young and care free comes through beautifully in the piece. All too often, images of young people enjoying themselves seems restrictive by rules and regulations. However, Spring Break allows for a different perspective. Instead of depicting a stagnant pool setting, the surrounding background is abolished. From the imagery, it is difficult to determine if the children are swimming in a pool, lake, or even the ocean and that adds to the impressionistic free expression this piece brings to light.

The imagery of teenagers is powerful in the Photograph as well. Although, faces are indistinguishable from one another, Louise O’Gorman provides a glimpse into the individuality of each person through variations on swimsuit colours, designs, and even hair styles. Each person, whether jumping, swimming, or climbing to the top has their own identity which is refreshing. The piece is almost like a snapshot in time from the view of a vintage camera. Details are not completely crystal clear, but can be distinguished through closer inspection.

Another undertone that is important in Spring Break the structure itself. The age noted at the bottom water line showcases the fact that this structure has been enjoyed by spring breakers for many generations. It also showcases how this small bit of time can be fleeting. Once the teen years are over, life takes over and many of those free moments are merely a distant memory. The raged base of the structure is worn by time, but remains strong and sturdy for future generations. It is a metaphor for time and how our scars do not matter as long as the structure of our lives remains strong.

Spring Break is a stunning depiction of life and enjoyment of being young. Each individual is enjoying their time in their own way and as they see fit. We should all take such consideration with our own lives.

Allow us to comb deeper into the photograph by asking Louise O’Gorman to share her inspiration behind the work.. 

Spring break was taken in Salthill, Galway in the west of Ireland.  The photograph was taken  during an Easter weekend years ago while on holiday with my mother.  I used to travel a lot for work and have photographed in many countries,   For the first time in years, I  took a trip to discover my own country.  We were very lucky with the weather that weekend, I had been documenting the quiet rural villages and landscapes so was excited to catch this lively scene of the students during  their spring break.  I tend to keep most of my photographs on my hard drive for a long time before sharing them. I  revisit them frequently and play around with various techniques until I am completely happy with how they look.  My intention with this one was  to create a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of my own childhood.  I played around with some textures and washes, changing the colour tones slightly to enhance the evocative memories of freedom during the summer months. The image  is printed on beautiful thick  Museum Grade paper which  is slightly textured to add to the painterly feel of the image.


Spring Break Photograph Salt hill , Galway, Wild Atlantic Way


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