Hanging art in your home can help improve your mood!

Did you know that hanging art in your come can boost your mood? Art that you love can elicit feelings of joy, pleasure, and happiness, which can help improve your overall mood.

As you know much of my art is made through self portraiture or placing myself in the frame. Using myself as the subject inspires me to do some self-reflection and introspection.  The actually process of making the art itself offers me a sense of calm.  I recently read that by looking at art, you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, this totally rang true to me as I often feel that when I fix my gaze on a piece of art that I love (or make) I  feel a sense of calm and relaxation.  Art acts like  free massage for the mind, it  helps  reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

So not only does art help you improve your personal growth and self-awareness, it helps you feel calm while you are doing so.

Here is a selection of work which I hope helps boost your mood and calm your mind. Enjoy, Louise x


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