The Ghost of Camila O'Gorman

The Ghost of Camila O'Gorman

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The Ghost of Camila O'Gorman

From Halloween to All saints and from Pagans to Christians, it’s hard not to heed the Spooky Spirits during The Days of the Dead in October and November.  Apart from the bonfires and ghost costumes, for many cultures, these days mark the celebrations which pay respect to those who have passed.

Louise O’Gorman, a photographer from Ireland, honours one such person through a series of carefully constructed atmospheric photographs. The series pays homage to the Argentine socialite ‘Camila O’Gorman’. Camila (also of Irish decent) was executed in Argentina in 1840 along with her lover (a catholic priest) while she was 8 months pregnant.

“Sharing the same family name as Camila, her tragic love story resonated with me, by placing myself in the frame, I felt a close connection to her..”

Louise serendipitously encountered the story of Camila while living in Buenos Aires. The series which places the artist herself in the frame uses techniques such as slow exposures, shadows and reflections to capture the movement of a figure passing through time. The resulting images have an ephemeral and ghostly, yet timeless quality to them.

Louise‘s work is collected by buyers internationally.  Museum quality prints are available through her website Prices start at £100


Camila O'Gorman gallery wall

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