The Ghost of Camila O'Gorman


 Art to inspire Halloween ghost stories - feature proposal.

With Halloween and all souls day upon us, many of us remember those who have gone before us. Apart from the bonfires and ghost costumes, in many countries it’s a day to celebrate the passing of a loved one or ancestor by regaling stories of the past while paying respects and honouring their life.

Louise O’Gorman a photographer from Ireland who places herself in the frame has ‘brought to life’ one such person. This story is that of the Argentine socialite ‘Camila O’Gorman’, who was executed in Argentina in 1848 with her lover while she was 8 months pregnant. Her crime was ‘love’.

Her execution was sanctioned by her own father who collaborated with the government at the time. She was used by him as example of "exemplary punishment" for bringing shame upon the Irish catholic family. Camila was 19 when she eloped with a catholic priest, changed her name and fell pregnant.

Louise, who serendipitously encountered the story while living in Buenos Aires created an atmospheric and thought provoking series honouring Camila (also of Irish decent). The series featuring the artist herself was shot in the family home in Argentina and uses photographic techniques such as slow exposures, movement and layering. “Sharing the same family name as Camila I was continuously made aware of her tragic love story.” The resulting images having a ghostly and ephemeral yet timeless quality to them.

Louise‘s work is collected by buyers internationally.  Museum quality prints are available through her website prices start at £100



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